North Carolina
District 21

Website Policy

District 21 Website Policies

 I. PURPOSE The purpose of the District 21 Area 51 Alcoholics Anonymous website is to:

a. Provide for consistent and accurate information about Alcoholics Anonymous in District 21 to the general public, the professional community and the alcoholic who still suffers.

b. Enhance communication within the fellowship in District 21, by improving accessibility, accuracy and timeliness of District 21 contact, events and meeting information.

II. CHANGES Any additions or changes to these policies, basic features or content must be approved by the District.


The web site shall adhere to The 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as to applicable guidelines from the General Service Office and the A.A. Service Manual.


In accordance with the 6th and 10th Traditions and the principle of non-affiliation:

a. The website shall maintain web links with the A.A. and Grapevine websites, and may link specific pages on those sites as needed.

b. The website may link to officially sponsored District and Intergroup websites within the Area for the purpose of assisting in locating A.A. meeting and events information.

c. The website may link to officially sponsored websites of registered on-line intergroups.

d. Except for registered Intergroups within the Area and registered on-line Intergroups, links to entities which are not within the service structure of A.A. will not be maintained on the website.


In keeping with the A.A. tradition of anonymity, no personal information, including full name, phone number, postal or personal e-mail address will be listed on the website.


In order to promote openness and expediency in communication within the fellowship, each elected and appointed District position shall have an e-mail address within the selected internet domain. For example, will be the email address for the District Treasurer. This information shall be maintained on the website, in a manner which prevents spam.


The public content and features of the website will be limited to the following, provided their implementation does not violate any of the other website policies:

a. General A.A. information such as the Steps, Traditions and Concepts

b. Web links as mentioned above in section IV

c. Brief description and contact information for each District service position

d. District 21 Events Calendar

e. Assembly and Convention hotel information

f.  District 21Web Site Policies


a. The Website shall be registered with  with the domain name of, or if taken, another will be chosen by the website committee.

b. The domain Registrant Name (website owner) shall be “District 21 Webmaster.”

d. The domain Billing Contact shall be "District 21 Treasurer."